Adelle Nampeyo


Adelle Lalo Nampeyo was born to Elva Tewaguna Nampeyo in 1959. Her grandmother was Fannie Nampeyo, her great-grandmother Nampeyo of Hano. Her siblings were Elton Tewaguna, Miriam Tewaguna Nampeyo and Neva Polacca Choyou Nampeyo. Like her sisters, Adelle learned to make pottery through watching and working with her mother and grandmother as they made pottery while she was growing up.

Adelle learned the traditional, spiritual way to make pottery and she has taught that to her own daughters. She says it was that spiritual aspect that first caught her heart and she keeps coming back for more.

Adelle has always stayed within the design pallete of the Nampeyo family. She says her favorite designs are Sikyátki-Revival designs: clowns, bird elements, butterflies, rainclouds, negative stars, eagletail feathers and connected scrolls.

Stylized migration pattern, bird element and geometric design plus fire clouds on a polychrome yellow ware Sikyatki-style jar Polychrome yellow ware Sikyatki-style jar with stylized migration pattern, bird element and geometric design plus fire clouds
5 in H by 5.75 in Dia
Polychrome jar with an Annie Healing version of a migration pattern design
An Annie Healing migration pattern variation on a polychrome jar
3.75 in H by 4.75 in Dia
Migration pattern design on a flat-topped polychrome jar
A flat-topped polychrome jar decorated with a migration pattern design
3.25 in H by 5 in Dia

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