Karen Abeita

Karen Abeita is a Hopi-Tewa potter born of a Hopi-Tewa mother and an Isleta father in 1960. Her mother, Lenora Nahoodyce Abeyta had married Isidor Abeita Sr. and moved to his home at Isleta Pueblo. Karen was born in an Albuquerque hospital.

Karen learned the traditional methods of making pottery from Eunice Navasie and Mark Tahbo. She's also studied with Rondina Huma. She began producing pottery for the marketplace in 1984. She lives now on the Hopi Reservation with her husband, Darryl Daw.

Eagle tail design on a wide shouldered jar
Wide shouldered jar with eagle tail design
2 1/4 in H by 6 1/4 in Dia
Shard design on a yellow ware jar
Polychrome yellow ware jar decorated with a contemporary shard design
6 1/4 in H by 8 1/2 in Dia
4-direction bird element and geometric design around an Awatovi star on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar with an Awatovi star and 4-direction bird element and geometric design
3 3/4 in H by 7 in Dia

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