Nellie Nampeyo


Nellie Douma Nampeyo (1896-1978) was a Hopi-Tewa potter in the Nampeyo lineage. She was the second daughter of Nampeyo of Hano and Lesou, born between Annie and Fannie. She grew up destined to be a potter, too. She was lucky enough to travel with her family to spend at least one summer as a child at the Grand Canyon and part of a second summer at the United States Land and Irrigation Exposition in the Chicago Coliseum. Those two exhibitions made her mother's name a household word.

Nellie was known for her clean, tight designs, usually on smaller pieces. Her work can be seen at the Heard Museum Guild in Phoeniz, AZ, and the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, AZ.

Nellie was the mother of Augusta Poocha Nampeyo and Marie Koopee. She was also the great-grandmother of Jacob Koopee Jr.

Red and black shard designs decorate a yellowware jar
Yellowware jar decorated with red and black shard designs
5 in H by 6.5 in Dia
4-direction bird element and geometric design on a polychrome jar with fire clouds Plychrome jar with fire clouds and decorated with a 4-direction bird element and geometric design
4.25 in H by 5.75 in Dia

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