Lillian Namingha


Born in 1941 to Emerson Namingha and Rachel Namingha Nampeyo, Lillian Namingha was a sister of Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo, Dextra Quotskuyva Nampeyo and aunt of Les Namingha, Rachel Sahmie, Nyla Sahmie and Jean Sahmie.

Lillian is known for making pots with designs very similar to those of her famous great-grandmother, Nampeyo of Hano - in the Sikyátki Revival style. Lillian, though, didn't really get into pottery until later in life. After high school she served 4 years in the US Marine Corps. Then she worked 30 years as a secretary. It was after retiring from that that she began to enjoy the relaxation that making beautiful hand-made pottery brings. In her own words: "This is all I do now after I quit working as a secretary for 30 years, and I really enjoy doing it!"

Geometric design on a tile
Tile with geometric design
4.75 in H by 3.25 in W

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