Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo


Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo (1924-2008) was a Hopi-Tewa potter of the Nampeyo family tradition. She made pottery beginning from when her great-grandmother, Nampeyo of Hano, started teaching her at seven years old and she continued making pottery almost to the day she died. Nampeyo of Hano (1858-1942) is the famous Hopi-Tewa potter who revitalized Hopi pottery by creating a contemporary style inspired by the ancient designs found on pottery shards from the prehistoric pueblo of Sikyátki. Priscilla is the daughter of Rachel Namingha Nampeyo and Emerson Namingha, granddaughter of Annie Healing Nampeyo and Will Healing. In that respect, Priscilla grew up in the heart of a Hopi pottery dynasty.

Priscilla's pottery styles include black-and-red-on-yellow jars, bowls, wedding vases, piki bowls and miniatures. She makes her pottery using the traditional methods she learned from her great-grandmother and she still uses many of Nampeyo's designs. Among her favorite designs are migration pattern, eagle tails, dragonflies, birds, stars, feathers, and clouds.

Priscilla passed her knowledge of the art of making traditional pottery to her children and some of those are active today, including: Jean Sahmie, Randall Sahmie, Nyla Sahmie, Rachel Sahmie and Bonnie Chapella Nampeyo. All became award-earning potters in their own right.

Priscilla's Work is Shown at:
  • Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ
  • The Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ
  • The Hopi Cultural Center Museum, Second Mesa, AZ

Migration pattern design on a Hopi pot
A traditional Hopi migration pattern design
3 in H by 5 in Dia
Tall-necked jar with migration pattern design
Tall-necked jar with traditional migration pattern design
Katsina design on a tile
Tile with katsina design
0.25 in H by 3 in W by 4 in L
Stylized bird element design on a Sikyatki-style jar
Sikyatki-style jar with stylized bird element design
5.25 in H by 8.5 in Dia
Black and red migration pattern on a yellowware bowl
Yellowware bowl with black and red migration pattern on the outside and polished inside
5.75 in H by 8.5 in Dia
Bird elements and geometric design in black on a red canteen
Red canteen decorated with black bird element and geometric design
1.5 in H by 2.75 in Dia
Bird element and geometric design on a polychrome flying saucer jar
Polychrome flying saucer-shaped jar decorated with a four-panel bird element and geometric design
4.25 in H by 9.5 in Dia
Miniature polychrome jar with migration pattern design Migration pattern design on a miniature polychrome jar
1.5 in H by 2 in Dia
Black-and-red bird element and geometric dwesign on a yellowware jar with a raised rim
Yellowware jar with a raised rim and a black-and-red bird element and geometric design
8.25 in H by 12.75 in Dia

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