Pauline Setalla


Pauline Setalla is a Hopi potter, born in 1930 and raised at Mishongnovi on Second Mesa. When she married Justin Setalla, she moved to his ranch near Keam Canyon. There she lived in a traditional Hopi adobe home with no electricity or other utilities. Water was hauled from the family well and light was provided by Coleman and kerosene lanterns. Heat came from a wood and coal stove. She raised ten children there, some of whom became potters, too.

Justin Setalla was a member of the Naha/Navasie geneological tree, the Featherwoman/Frogwoman families. His mother, Agnes Navasie, and sister, Eunice Navasie, taught Pauline the basics of the traditional method of making pottery.

Pauline's clay fires in the warm colors from yellow to orange, unless she's making white ware. Her forms are well balanced. Her work is noted for the bold designs, bolder than most Hopis will paint. It makes her work easily recognizable.

Black shard and geometric design on a red pot
Red pot decorated with black shard and geometric design
7 3/4 in H by 7 1/4 in Dia

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