Jennifer Moquino

Jennifer Moquino is a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo. She was born in 1977 to Ray Tafoya and Emily Suazo Tafoya. Jennifer made her first pieces of pottery when she was 6 years old.

Jennifer has been working with her husband Mike Moquino since 1998. The son of Corn Moquino, Mike is 1/2 Zia and 1/2 Santa Clara. He learned to make pottery from his father.

Jennifer and Mike generally make miniature vases and small jars, some with lids. Mike builds the pots and Jennifer etches the realistic animals, birds, flowers and insects. On some pieces they use natural clay colors to add other colors to a design.

Sgraffito eagle and geometric design on a black jar
Black jar with sgraffito eagle and geometric design
1 1/2 in H by 2 in Dia
Sgraffito wildlife scene on a lidded black jar
Lidded black jar decorated with a sgraffito wildlife scene
4 in H by 3 3/4 in Dia

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters