Paul Naranjo

Santa Clara Pueblo

Paul Naranjo (1960-1993) was a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo. He seems to have worked a lot with sgraffito nature and geometric designs on brown pottery. He was one of the first potters at Santa Clara to design whole wildlife scenes on his pieces.

Paul was an exhibitor at Santa Fe Indian Market from 1988 to 1993. He earned several ribbons there, including one for Best of Division for non-traditional pottery, new forms using traditional techniques and materials, and a First Place ribbon for sgraffito without stones, any color except black.

I asked Kevin Naranjo one day if he'd ever worked with Paul. His reply, "Yeah, I helped him build a room on his house, back in the early 90s." Then a few minutes later (with fewer people around) he came back and said, "Paul inspired me with his wildlife and nature scenes. Every time I do one I thank him."

Sgraffito wolf and nature design on a miniature sienna seed pot A miniature sienna seed pot with a sgraffito wolf and nature design
1.5 in H by 2.5 in Dia

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters