Elizabeth Naranjo

Santa Clara Pueblo

Elizabeth Naranjo was a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo. She was born to Pablita and Jose Chavarria of Santa Clara Pueblo in 1929 and passed on in 2017.

Like her sisters Stella Chavarria, Reycita Naranjo, Florence Browning, Clara Shije and Mary Singer, Elizabeth learned to make pottery the Santa Clara way from their mother.

Elizabeth was known for her large, black, deeply carved wedding vases and jars. She also made many smaller pieces (including miniatures) and some black on black pieces with painted designs. Her favorite designs were the avanyu, clouds, feathers and kiva steps.

The One Space/Three Visions tri-cultural exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum in 1979 included some of Elizabeth's work. As a potter of the Chavarria family, Elizabeth was also included in 1994's Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery. Elizabeth was an exhibitor at the Santa Fe Indian Market from 1981 through 1999 and earned several awards for her work.

Geometric design carved into a black bowl Black bowl carved with a geometric design
2.5 in H by 5 in Dia
An avanyu and geometric designcarved around the body of a black jar
A black jar with an avanyu and geometric design carved around the body
12.25 in L by 12.25 in W by 15 in H

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