Virginia Ebelacker

Santa Clara Pueblo

Virginia Ebelacker (1925-2001) was a daughter of Margaret Tafoya and granddaughter of Serafina Tafoya. She grew up in the heart of a pottery-making family, learning by watching, then working with her mother and grandmother.

However, when she finished school, she went to work at Los Alamos National Lab as a scientist, forming and refining metals and plastics. She was honored for her contributions to both mediums but during all those years, she only made pottery in the evening, to relax before going to bed. Once she retired from LANL, she got more into making pottery.

LuAnn Tafoya and Toni Roller were her sisters, James and Richard Ebelacker her sons.

Geometric design carved into a shallow black jar
Shallow black jar carved with geometric design
2 in H by 9.5 in Dia
Kiva step rim on a black on black bowl
Black on black bowl with a kiva step rim
5.75 in H by 10.5 in Dia
An avanyu design carved into a red jar
Red jar decorated with a carved avanyu design
12.25 in H by 11.5 in Dia
A stylized avanyu design carved into a black jar
A black jar carved with a stylized avanyu design
7.25 in H by 6.75 in Dia
First Place ribbon from the 1979 Deer Dancer Annual Pottery Show
2 bear paw imprints on the shoulder of a polished black jar
Polished black jar with two bear paw imprints on the shoulder
11.5 in Dia by 9.5 in H
1st Place ribbon, 1976 Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & crafts Show

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