Linda Tafoya

A granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya and daughter of Betty and Lee Tafoya, Linda Tafoya is also a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo. Born in 1962, she was active in the market as early as 1974. She says she learned to make pottery from her parents and her aunt, Mary Ester Archuleta.

Linda started earning awards for her pottery in 1984 amd has a large collection of ribbons now. One of her pieces earned the Best of Division award at the Santa Fe Indian Market in 1998 and was presented to the Prince of Spain.

Linda married Dennis Oyenque of Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo). They had two sons and she lived there for years, signing her pottery "Linda Tafoya-Oyenque." Then she divorced and moved back to Santa Clara. At Santa Clara she got married again and now signs her pieces "Linda Tafoya-Sanchez."

Micaceous black background on a black jar carved with polished butterflies and geometric design
Polished butterflies and geometric design carved into a black jar slipped with micaceous clay
6 1/4 in H by 4 3/4 in Dia
Geometric design carved into a black jar
Black jar decorated with a carved geometric design
6 3/4 in H by 8 1/4 in Dia
An avanyu design carved into a black jar with black micaeous bands
Black jar with black micaceous bands and a carved avanyu design
5 1/2 in H by 8 in Dia
Micaceous slip and polished birds on a lightly carved black jar
Black jar with a micaceous slip and decorated with a lightly carved bird and geometric design
6 3/4 in H by 9 in Dia
Lidded red jar carved with a melon design Melon design carved into a lidded red jar
5 1/2 in H by 5 1/4 in Dia

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