Legoria Tafoya

Santa Clara Pueblo

Legoria Tafoya was born into Santa Clara Pueblo in 1911. She attended St. Catherine's Indian School in Santa Fe and right after graduating, married Pasqual Tafoya.

She started making pottery in 1930, learning from her mother, Marianita Chavarria Velarde. At first she only molded figurines and forms based on Tewa mythology. Later she moved into making carved blackware bowls, jars and candlestick holders.

Legoria first went to the Santa Fe Indian Market in 1940. She earned a blue ribbon that year for a plain polished bowl. That was the beginning of a long career with many more awards. For many years she worked with her daughter, Celes Tafoya. Then Legoria died in 1984.

In those years pieces they did together were signed "Legoria and Celes." After Legoria died, Celes began making pottery with her daughter, Evelyn Aguilar.

Melony Gutierrez, Sammy Naranjo's significant other now, is Legoria's great-granddaughter. But Melony grew up in a basketmaking family and learned her pottery skills from Sammy.

A kiva step wall above a black fireplace
Black fireplace with kiva step wall
4 in H by 3 in Dia
Twisted handles on a polished black bowl
Polished black bowl with twisted handles
2.5 in H by 6.25 in Dia
A stylized avanyu and feather design carved into a black jar
Black jar carved with a stylized avanyu and feather design
7 in H by 7.75 in Dia

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