Larissa Aguilar

Santa Clara Pueblo

Larissa Aguilar's heritage is Santa Clara/San Ildefonso. She lives at Santa Clara. She graduated from Northern New Mexico College in the spring of 2020 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. She is now the Kindergarten and Lead Tewa instructor at the Kha'p'o Community school.

Larissa has earned a couple of Associates Degrees, too, and has worked at the Kha'p'o Community school for several years as an IT technician.

With 2 young children I don't imagine she has a lot of time for making pottery, yet. However, she's part of the future of pottery at Santa Clara.

An avanyu design carved into a red jar Red jar carved with an avanyu design
4.25 in H by 5.25 in Dia

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters