Mary Singer

Mary Singer was born into Santa Clara Pueblo in 1936 and started producing pottery around 1955. She was a traditional potter and used the usual decorations: avanyu, terraced clouds, bear paws and feathers. Mary learned to produce pottery from her mother, Pablita Chavarria. She pretty much always produced blackware.

Avanyu and geometric designs carved into a black wedding vase
Black wedding vase carved with avanyu and geometric designs
17 1/4 in H by 10 1/2 in Dia
Avanyu and feather design carved into a black jar
Black jar carved with avanyu and feather design
15 in H by 9 1/4 in Dia
Twisted handles and a carved avanyu design on a black wedding vase
Twisted handles on a black wedding vase decorated with a carved avanyu design
10 1/2 in H by 7 in Dia

Santa Clara Pueblo Potters