Adrian Vallo

Acoma Pueblo

Born into Acoma Pueblo in 1964, Adrian Vallo didn't get interested in making pottery until he was about 20. Then he got real interested and basically apprenticed himself to his grandmother, Santana Cimmeron Cerno. She taught him everything: where to find the clay, how to process it, how to make the pots, how to let them dry properly, how to smooth them, how to paint them and how to fire them the traditional way.

Adrian makes mostly traditional Acoma style pots and paints them mostly with traditional Acoma designs. It seems his favorite designs are deer patterns and parrot motifs, all painted in natural pigments. Adrian signs his pottery: A. Vallo, Acoma.

Adrian has earned awards from shows such as a 3rd Place ribbon at the 1994 Casa Grande Pottery Show in Arizona and a 2nd Place ribbon at the 1992 New Mexico State Fair.

Adrian's grandmother on the other side of the family is Eva Histia. Joseph and Barbara Cerno are uncle and aunt while Ergil Vallo (also known as Dalawepi) was a cousin.

Bird, floral, geometric and rainbow designs on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar with bird, floral,
rainbow and geometric designs

6 in H by 5.75 in Dia