Juanita Keene

Acoma Pueblo

Schaaf records 2 Juanita Keene's, one active from the 1930s, the other active from the 1970s. Both signed their pots with the same "Juanita Keen". Further research seems to indicate it's the same person but the waters are kinda muddy. But here goes...

Juanita Torivio Keene (1914-1999) was the daughter of Teofila Torivio and sister of Frances Pino Torivio, Katherine Analla, Concepcion Garcia and Lolita Concho. She married Gus Keene and collaborated with him through most of her career.

Juanita was known for her polychrome and black-on-white bowls, jars, pitchers and wedding vases. She also made jewelry. She was a regular participant at the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts Show. She earned Third Place ribbons for wedding vases at the 1979 and 1984 Santa Fe Indian Markets. Adrienne Roy Keene is her daughter.

Tularosa spiral, kiva step and geometric design in black-on-white on a polychrome jar Polychrome jar with a black-on-white Tularosa spiral, kiva step and geometric design
5.25 in H by 6.75 in Dia