Eva Histia

Acoma Pueblo

Eva Histia (1914-2005) was the daughter of famed Acoma Pueblo potter Helice Vallo. She learned to make pottery through watching and working with her mother as she was growing up. Eva's first pieces appeared in the marketplace when she was barely a teenager. She continued on to enjoy a career that spanned more than 70 years.

Eva made lamps, jars, bowls, owls, pitchers and fluted vases with twisted handles. She was a participant in the Santa Fe Indian Market and the New Mexico State Fair for many years, earning multiple ribbons at each.

As they were growing up, Eva taught her daughters, Rose Torivio, Hilda Antonio and Ida Ortiz how to make pottery the traditional way. Then she taught her granddaughters, Lavine Torivio and Mary J. Garcia, the same.

Parrot, branch and geometric design on a polychrome canteen
Polychrome canteen decorated with a parrot, branch and geometric design
13.75 in L by 12.25 in W by 9.25 in H
Large Acoma owl figure
A classic Acoma owl figure
8 in Dia by 9.75 in H