Frances Torivio

Frances Torivio (1905-2001) was a traditional potter from Acoma Pueblo. As mother (and teacher) of Wanda Aragon and Maria Lilly Salvador, she was one of the early matriarchs in the Acoma pottery families.

Frances was known for making beautiful large jars and was still proudly showing her wares at the Santa Fe Indian Market when she was 96 years old. Her legacy lives on in the many younger potters she taught over the years.

Geometric design and earrings on a polychrome effigy jar
Polychrome effigy jar with geometric design and earrings
6.5 in H by 4.25 in Dia
Two children on a polychrome owl effigy jar
Polychrome owl effigy jar with two children
8.75 in H by 8 in Dia