Louise Amos

Acoma Pueblo

Louise Amos was a potter from Acoma Pueblo. She was the younger sister of Jennie Laate and seems to have spent considerable time in Jennie's home as a teenager.

Jennie had married silversmith Neil Laate and moved to his home at Zuni. At Zuni, Jennie met Daisy Hooee, a Hopi woman who had also married into Zuni and moved there. Catalina Zunie (an older Zuni potter) had taught Daisy how to make Zuni pottery and was slowly talking her into teaching pottery classes at Zuni High School. Daisy eventually agreed and went on to teach at Zuni High for about 14 years. When she retired, Jennie Laate took over and taught the pottery classes for another 16 years.

Going by the quality and style of the pieces and the designs painted on them, Louise learned to make Zuni pottery at Jennie and Neil's home. On some of her pieces she included "Zuni" in the signature but most were signed with "Acoma."

Traditional geometric designs on a polychrome jar
Polychrome jar with traditional geometric designs
6.5 in H by 8.75 in Dia