Dolores Lewis

Dolores Lewis was born into Acoma Pueblo in 1938. Her mother was the famous Lucy Lewis, one of the Matriarchs of the Acoma Pottery Revival. Like her brothers Drew and Ivan, and sisters Emma and Carmel, Dolores grew up watching their mother make pottery. But Dolores says that when it came to making her own pottery, she was mostly self-taught.

She says she was most inspired by Ancient Puebloan shapes and ancient Mimbres designs. Living at Acoma, the ground she walks on is littered with potsherds from both cultures as both sort of overlapped at Acoma.

The Lewis family keeps the same ancient designs and does not move to a contemporary style because it is very important to them to keep true traditions and the designs of the ancient Mimbres people alive. Some of the designs Dolores replicated are the deer with heartline, the lightning bolt and many variations of the Mimbres patterns.

Dolores creates pottery in traditional Acoma black-on-white, or black and orange on white styles with heart-line deer, hoof prints and other animal designs.

Deer, heart line and geometric design on a polychrome bowl
Polychrome bowl decorated with deer, heart line and geometric design
3.25 in H by 4.25 in Dia
Lightining bolt and geometric design on a black and white jar
Black-on-white jar decorated with a lightning bolt and geometric design
7 in H by 10.5 in Dia
Miniature polychrome owl figure
A miniature polychrome owl figure
0.75 in H by 1.25 in Dia
Mimbres bird and geometric design on a polychrome seed pot
Polychrome seed pot decorated with a Mimbres-style bird and geometric design
2.25 in H by 2.25 in Dia