Students of the Ortiz Family

Mata Ortiz

    Family and Students
    • Felix Ortiz & Otila Sandoval
      • Raquel Ortiz & Cesar Navarette
      Others who learned from them:
    • Ermeterio Ortiz (d. 1998)
      • Manuel and Benita Reyes
        • Manuel Reyes Jr.
        • Yolanda Reyes
        Their students who became potters:
      • Porfilio Pilo Mora
        • Manuel Mora
        • Jorge Cordero Palacios
          • Jorge Cordero Luruena
    • Teodora Ortiz & Reynaldo Pedregon

Some of the above info is drawn from:

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Most other info is derived from either personal contacts with family members, contacts with individual traders and ongoing searches of the Internet and closely scrutinizing any data found.

Mata Ortiz/Casas Grandes Potters