Jose Andres Villalba

Mata Ortiz

Jose Andres Villalba lives in Barrio Porvenir in the village of Mata Ortiz. One of the youngest in the Villalba family, Jose is making plates following the tradition and legacy of Papa Andres Villalba. He's an exquisite craftsman and painter in the Paquimé tradition. He also likes to add his own creative touch by adding repoussé figures on many of his plates.

Feather and geometric design with a carved quail on a polychrome plate
Polychrome plate with carved and painted quail, feather and Paquimé geometric design
2.25 in H by 9.75 in Dia
Bird and paquime-style geometric design on a polychrome carved and painted plate
Carved and painted polychrome plate decorated with bird and Paquime-style geometric design
1.25 in H by 8.5 in Dia

Mata Ortiz/Casas Grandes Potters