Hilario Quezada Sr.

Mata Ortiz

Hilario Quezada Sr. is a second generation potter from the village of Mata Ortiz in northern Mexico. His mother was Consolacion Quezada, the older sister of Juan Quezada. He probably learned most from watching and working with her as he grew up but in that family, pottery making seems to be in the genes.

Hilario is married to Matilde Olivas. Their son, Hilario Quezada Jr., is an up-and-coming potter, too. His work is quite different though.

Geometric design in red on a graphite black jar
Graphite black jar decorated with a red geometric design
6.25 in H by 8 in Dia
Geometric design in brown on a beige jar Beige jar decorated with a brown geometric design
6.5 in H by 8 in Dia

Mata Ortiz/Casas Grandes Potters