Damian Quezada

Mata Ortiz

Damian Escarsega Quezada learned to pot from his uncle Nicolas and from Oscar Gonzales Quezada (Consolacion's son). His wife, Elvira Antillon de Quezada, usually makes the vessels of white and pink clays while Damian paints his complex polychrome designs.

Most potters divide their designs into three or four sections but Damian prefers to divide his surfaces into five, six or eight sections of identically repeated interpretations of ancient Paquimé elements. And he paints exclusively with red and black mineral oxide paints in the classic Quezada style.

Several recent potters on the scene attribute Damian and Elvira as their teachers.

Buff jar with organic opening and black serpent and geometric design
Black serpent and geometric design on a buff jar
15.75 in H by 11.5 in Dia
Measurement includes stand

Mata Ortiz/Casas Grandes Potters